[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artists: Clay Mann & Miguel Mendonca



If the Trinity, the team comprised of Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman, shares it’s name with the holy trinity, their counter parts must certainly be the unholy trinity! Then what better name to give this arc than Unholy Alliance. In an ancient ruin, in a dark and sullen place in the older parts of the world, three evils are brought together in their pursuit of a voice which calls them when no one is around. The self made Man of Steel, the undying king of assassins, and the immortal witch come together in this issue to form a pact, and oh pity to those in their path.


The first thing that really grabbed my attention when I saw this issue was the art of Clay Mann. Particularly the dark colors with the use of cross hatching to cover the world in shadow and make everything dark and feel gritty. Certain details are excluded in the drawings to make the characters or environment feel hidden or concealed even when they are standing in the light.

The dialogue is also something to enjoy. Each of the three characters has these little snide comments they make and even better are their times narrating. Bunn does a good just at reflecting who the characters are with their history but also exaggerating their personalities to a point of being ever so slightly unlikable which is perfect for the villains he is writing.



While certainly enjoyable, this arc feels somewhat cliché as stories go. We’ve just witnessed the new Trinity being forged so now of course we must throw their greatest enemies right in their faces. While this issue is setting up a powerful alliance to take on the Trinity, there has been no build up to such a powerful enemy and so the threat presented in this issue feels rushed and thus flimsy.



I truly enjoyed every aspect of this issue and look forward to what comes next, but it does feel like the creative team is jumping the shark a little.



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