Worlds’ Finest #13 Review : Hide and Seek

by Andrew Copp
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What do Desaad and a giant dog have to do with each other? Find out after the Jump!


Previously in World’s Finest, Huntress and Power Girl (Earth 2’s Robin and Supergirl) discover that Holt Industries has taken over Karen Starr’s (Power Girl’s) own company. This is made even stranger by the fact that Holt has been missing for awhile now. Faithful readers know that Holt is now on Earth 2.


In this issue, our heroines get their hands on some files that may help them get to the bottom of things, when a giant dog appears. Not big in the sense of a bull mastiff. Big as in Tokyo-destroying monster This dog is, in fact a Sniffer sent by Desaad to find Power Girl and the Huntress. Desaad is an agent of Darkseid, of Apokolips. A battle ensues, and the Sniffer disappears in an explosion.



A Sniffer


The girls retire to one of Helena’s safe houses for coffee and ice cream. Isn’t that what you do after a session of corporate espionage followed by fisticuffs with a giant dog? While snacking, they discuss what Desaad is up to, and the nature of Apokolips. Then the Sniffer shows up, again! Power Girl gives him everything she’s got, to no avail. Her power seems to be waning. Eventually, through teamwork, the heroines defeat the Sniffer and wonder what else Desaad has in store for them.





The team dynamic of Power Girl and Huntress really comes though in this issue. I really liked seeing Huntress apply her father’s training to the situation. This title is also one of the few places where you are likely to encounter characters from the Fourth World. If I understand things correctly, Apokolips and New Genesis are not based in Earth 1 or 2, but somewhere else entirely. If a New Gods book ever happens, this is a title where it is likely to build up to it.


The connection between Desaad and the Sniffer is a little confusing—he summons the Sniffer through torturing somebody. Power Girl has not really grabbed my attention since the New 52 started. I will admit that her encounter with Supergirl, and her apparent declining powers are making her a little more interesting, however.


Verdict :Rating3 (3/5)

A better issue then the last several have been, but it still lacks something. A book about Earth 2 characters trapped on the main New 52 Earth (New Earth, Earth 1, Earth Prime?) should feel a little more connected to the DCU. Levitz started to achieve that a little with Helena’s relationship with Damian, but he is gone now. Now that Kara and Supergirl have met, hopefully we will see more from that as well. Levitz can only delay Power Girl and Huntress meeting Superman and Batman, respectively, for so long before readers lose interest completely.



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