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New 100 Bullets series, Brother Lono gets a preview. Click the jump to see more.

A new mini-series by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso features the most cold-blooded of the Atlantic minutemen, Lono. The last time, we saw Lono, he was left for dead on the last chapter of the 100 chapter of 100 Bullets. But, he’s alive and has found God in the new mini-series is called Brother Lono. It takes place four years later in Mexico working with a priest and a mysterious nun, and still finding trouble. This is what Azzarello has to say about the character in the new mini-series:brother lono2

“These are the kinds of stories I’m really interested in telling. Bad stories about bad people I’m comfortable with. A character like Lono, I don’t think flashbacks do him any justice. He’s a trajectory, and we’re continuing that trajectory right now. This story’s about can someone be true to themselves and still go against their own nature? Can a bad man be good?”

The idea of Lono finding God can become quite messy, especially in the kind of work that he deals with. Azzarello is telling a different kind of story for Lono and one that will make Lono an interesting character. Just remember Lono will probably only pay attention to one out of ten commandments in The Commandments. Mexico is gonna get a little bloody!

See the preview down below.

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Source- USA Today 

Brother Lono Exclusive Preview

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