GREEN LANTERN: New Crossover

A new crossover for the Green Lantern books. Click the jump to see more.

Geoff Johns (former writer of Green Lantern and writer of other multiple DC Comics books) left his wonderfully established universe of Green Lantern, but what will the new writers of the Green Lantern universe do?

Well, why not have a crossover? New Green Lantern crossover will begin in late 2013 preferably around October or November. The crossover will be called Lights Out. Now what does this mean? We have no clue. Since Green Lantern #20, Sinestro left Sinestro Corps and has gone off into the abyss of the universe with a ton of power. Hal Jordan is now the new leader of Green Lantern Corps. There are new Lanterns being introduced into the universe, so this crossover might be a nice little war or Sinestro is coming back to wreak havoc. However, on a serious level…Sinestro is too powerful to come back and mess with the Green Lanterns. He is probably chilling somewhat ruling with an iron fear fist.

There are claims of a new spin-off from this crossover, but we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned!

Welcome to… Lights Out! See the cover of the new crossover below.

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Source- Bleeding Cool 

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