Previews: Birds of Prey #21 Claws of the Court Part 1/Talon Cross-over

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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This week’s Birds of Prey has some storylines that have been building for a while.  Issue #21 is the 1st part of the crossover with Talon.  Calvin Rose’s title has been fairly self contained so far with Batman and Bane both showing up, however the Court of the Owls connections have caught up to Calvin now with the Birds of Prey.  First Styx being a former Talon herself and a member of the Talons that attacked the Batman Family in Night of the Owls meets Calvin with the last issue of Birds of Prey showed.  Then with the Night of the Owls story, Batgirl is learning to work with Styx however the preview shows her identifying Calvin’s connection to the Court of the Owls, and what Barbara has learned with the Night of the Owls and with Styx, things may not end well for Calvin.  The events of this crossover will lead Talon to Santa Prisca with another confrontation with Bane as the first battle ended in Calvin’s “death”.  What will we learn of the Talons and Court of the Owls with this crossover?

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Source: Newsarama

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