Previews: Legion of Super-Heroes #21 Endings Part One

There has been talk for a while starting first with the thoughts about the Legion of Super-Heroes going to change into Justice Legion.  That rumor/thought somewhat changed last month when it was revealed that Legion of Super-Heroes was being cancelled in August leaving Teen Titans as the only Young Justice Group solicit title left and Legion fans wondering why DC Comics has cancelled both Legion titles that started wave 1 of the New 52.  Some things are starting to add up possibly to why the future title was cancelled with the Justice League crossover Trinity War now leading into Forever Evil and wiping out the DCnU heroes, however DC in the past has kept the connection of present and future with these events, so it remains to be seen what may happen.  Legion fans should not give up hope as Dan Didio has stated that the 30th Century will return to comics, and Paul Levitz has stated that the ending of this title will give hints to the future of the Legion.  Endings Part 1 in June will help set the stage to the August series finale and here is a preview of this week’s issue:

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Source: Zap2It