Justice League Dark #21 Review : Die Die Die My Darling

by Andrew Copp
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In this conclusion to the Horror City story arc, Xanadu answers the question that has been bugging everybody since the last issue: is she Dr. Destiny’s Mother? Find the answer after the jump!


The issue starts off with a flash forward to twenty years from now. Xanadu is having another body pile vision, but this time it is a lot clearer. Just like other horrific visions of the future, if you look carefully Mikel Janin hid a lot of characters appear, in addition to the core cast.


Is that  Amethyst, Enchantress, and Buddy Baker I see as well?

Is that Amethyst, Enchantress, and Buddy Baker I see as well?

Once the story returns to the present, everybody is demanding to know the truth from Xanadu.

[spoiler]She is, in fact, Dr. Destiny’s Mother. She left him to die upon birth because she knew what a monster he would be if he lived. However, we still don’t know is who the father is.[/spoiler]

The remainder of the issue is basically a giant battle scene. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Justice League Dark #21 is a non-stop thrill ride. All of our major players get plenty of screen time, as well as our guest stars Swamp Thing and The Flash.  When it as all said and done, and all truths are revealed, Xanadu feels she needs to be alone for awhile.

Cue the David Banner hitchhiking music

Cue the David Banner hitchhiking music



My favorite scenes in this issue, are actually the ones involving the Flash. I really enjoyed how comfortable he was feeling with this group of monsters. I think this little adventure could have an impact on him next month. The Deadman-possessed Swamp Thing was a lot of fun as well. It adds depth to what Swamp Thing is capable of.

Keep this in mind come Trinity War

Keep this in mind come Trinity War


The Battle scenes, while action packed, are also full of exposition. It is easy to get caught up in the fight, and lose track of the story that is being told. A couple of times, I had to backtrack to fully understand what was going on with the House of Mystery.


VERDICT:Rating4 (4/5)

Once again, JLD does not disappoint. There was plenty of action and story. Questions were answered, and yet new ones were raised. (Xanadu and Deadman? Really?) The team is now in a precarious position going forward. Also, it didn’t hurt that this issue was titled after a great Misfits song! Next stop…TRINITY WAR!

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