Greg Pak to focus on Clark Kent in his Action Comics run

With the debut of Batman/Superman last week, news came out that Greg Pak will be taking over Action Comics after Villains Month.  In part 2 of a Newsarama interview, Greg Pak shares that he has been following Grant Morrison’s run of Action Comics and Superman in the New 52 as well as liking the new take on Superman:

Nrama: How would you describe your overall approach to the comic?

Pak: I love the fact that in the New 52, Superman is still very young. He’s not quite as raw and wild as he was in those early Morrison Action issues, but he’s still learning more about his powers and responsibilities every day, still testing his limits and boundaries in every way.

I love that very human take on Superman — deep down, he’s just Clark Kent, that kid from Kansas, still figuring out every day just how to handle the insane challenges that come his way. The very interesting corollary to that is that the world is still coming to grips with the idea of Superman. No matter how many people he saves — and in fact, probably the more spectacularly he helps people — the more many people see him as disruptive, scary, and dangerous. All of that is a great set up for conflict, drama, and action.

One thing that is clear in the short interview is Pak’s understanding of Clark’s Smallville past and his development into Superman as well as the conflicts that occurred in his development.  It appears that the conflicts of Clark and Superman will be brought out more in Action Comics and somewhat disconnected from Pak’s Batman/Superman story:

Nrama: We’ve seen how you’ve made Batman/Superman unique. How are you planning to set Action Comics apart? What distinguishes it from other Superman comics?

Pak: I don’t want to say too much for fear of spoilers. But I will say that one fun difference between the books is how they use Superman’s supporting cast. I’m thrilled about a certain character who’s going to play a very big role in Action. We’re setting this character loose in some really exciting ways that will provide some big challenges for Clark and Superman on every level.

Let’s us know what your hopes are with Greg Pak’s run of Action Comics.

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Source: Newsarama