New Animated Feature Called Justice League War Set for 2014

Next new animated feature after Flashpoint is New 52 Justice League: War. Click the jump to see more.



Warner Bros.’ PR representative offered a pre-San Diego Comic Con announcement via Twitter and details for Justice League: War. See below:

“Comic-Con eve reveal – 1st 2014 DCU animated film isJustice League: War based on Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Scott Williams JL Vol 1: Origin.”

Justice League: War, scheduled for release come Winter 2013/2014 from Warnerjustice league flashpoint1 Home Video, will be an adaptation of the Justice League: Origin storyline recently published by DC Comics. Justice League: Origin was written by Geoff Johns with artwork by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Here are some of the possible actors will be voicing the Justice League members.

Jason O’Mara – Batman (from TerraNova
Alan Tudyk – Superman (from Firefly
Michelle Monaghan (from Source Code) – Wonder Woman
Justin Kirk – Green Lantern (from Weeds
Christopher Gorham – The Flash (from Ugly Betty)  
Shemar Moore (from Criminal Minds) – Cyborg
Jay Oliva is also confirmed as director for Justice League: War, with Heath Corson adapting the original Justice League: Origin story written by Geoff Johns.

There will probably be more announcements during SDCC 2013 so stay tune!

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