ARROW: Big Bad Makeovers, New Toys, New Lair

Arrow gets new toys, a new lair, and a new antagonist for season 2. Click the jump to see more.

Executive producer, Marc Guggenheim states that he wants season 2 of Arrow to feel like a sequel from season 1. Sometimes what comes with sequels are new toys, gadgets, lair, and new characters & villains to play with. As for who those new characters & villains will be Guggenheim states this:

“Our goal was to come up with someone who was as good an antagonist for Oliver as Malcolm was withoutarrow1 being a Malcolm Merlyn clone. This is someone who is going about things in a very different way than Malcolm did and is perhaps even more deadly as a result.”

This is a high possibility that the new characters and villains will be shown at San Diego Comic Con 2013 with sizzle reel for anyone who is attending the convention. Arrow‘s new lair will be done by Felicity who is hard at work making the lair more high tech. Felicity will be making some huge waves in Arrow season 2. And what about Oliver and Laurel’s relationship that seems to be on the rocks for season 2? Guess you’ll have to find out on October 9th when season 2 premieres.

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Source- Entertainment Weekly