SUPERMAN: Psycho Pirate Returns in The New 52


Psycho Pirate makes his debut in The New 52 in Superman and Superboy. Click the jump to see more.

Psycho Pirate has a very infamous place in DC Universe history, as the only character that remembered the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths universe after the events of Crisis. Now a version of that character is returning/debuting in the New 52 in August’s Superman and SuperboyBrett Booth (artist of JLA) has concept design for the character, which you can see below.

 Psycho Pirate is able to make his enemies relive their most painful memories. You have to wonder what might be Psycho Pirate’s place in the Psi War. 

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Source- DC Comics 

PsychoPirate2 PsychoPirateColor2 (1)