SANDMAN: McKean’s Sandman Overture Cover

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Dave McKean’s cover for the anticipated Sandman: Overture. Click the jump to see more.

Neil Gaiman’s return to Sandman with Sandman: Overture by artist J.H. Williams III.  You get to see a first look inside the anticipated miniseries, Vertigo also debuted the variant cover for the first issue created by Dave McKean. Gaiman told Entertainment Weekly that McKean’s return to the character brings him chills. See below the quote by Gaiman:

“There is something special about Dave McKean that makes it feel real. I get the same thrill I got 25 years ago seeing his covers…”

Gaiman, Williams, McKean and original “Sandman” artist Sam Keith will all be at Comic-Con International in San Diego as part of Saturday’s panel (3:15 PM in Room 6DE) celebrating the 25th anniversary of the legendary comic if you would like to see more of the interview please go to the source link below.

See the below McKean’s covers for Sandman: Overture and a short preview of J.H. Williams III artwork for Overture. 

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Source- Entertainment Weekly 

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