ARKHAM ORIGINS: Mad Hatter Returns for Origins

Mad Hatter joins in on the fun for Batman: Arkham Origins. Click the jump to see more.

As we get closer to the release date of Arkham Origins, more released articles of the game have come out. Recently, OXM (Xbox magazine) came out with a featured Arkham Origins cover with Joker on it. But, we know that Joker is already in the game. When you look inside, a new villain has been revealed. It’s Mad Hatter!

Last time we saw Mad Hatter, it was in Batman: Arkham City and he was voiced by Peter McNicol. The game made a good portrayal of the character, so now we get more of him in Arkham Origins. As of right now, nothing has been confirmed or stated if Mad Hatter will get his own side mission. However, it is a hopeful wish at this point for those who love the character. OXM writes up a fantastic article about the gadgets that will be shown in the game and how the Creative Director, Eric Holmes is approaching the game. So, go out and buy the magazine if you want to read up on it. Until then, check out some of the cool low-resolution image shots of the article down below.

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Source- Arkhamverse Forum 

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