GREEN LANTERN: A Lantern Corp Will Go Down

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Jim Lee and Dan Didio talk about Green Lantern crossover, Lights Out. Click the jump to see more.

Lights Out is the new crossover for the Green Lantern books and it will be coming up in October, where Relic will the be the featured villain. He is not only the villain for the Green Lantern Corps, but for the other corps as well. According to Dan Didio and Jim Lee, Relic will be destroying one of the Lanterns’ power battery and that may mean the destruction of a one color Lantern Corp in general.

It is too obvious to go with the Green Lantern Corps. We’ve seen the Blue Lanterns and the Star Sapphires in the last few issues of Green Lantern. Larfleeze is licking his wounds so he is out, but for some reason, one can hypothesis that the Star Sapphires might be the corp that goes out. Why would this be the case?  A Star Sapphire has recently died, which could have been a foreshadow to the destruction of their power battery. But, which Lantern corp do you think will be destroyed?

See the clip of Jim Lee and Dan Didio talk about Lights Out.

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