FLASH: James Mangold To Direct & Charlie Hunnan as Flash?

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Can James Mangold bring Flash to live action? Click the jump to see more.

James Mangold, director of the recent movie, The Wolverine stated that he would like to direct a Flash movie. See the statement below from his interview:

If you could direct a movie for any DC character, who would be a good match for Wolverine, If you could direct a movie for any DC character, who would be a good match for Wolverine, who would it be? (Question from Mohamed Alhameed/@ChewBLacca7 via Twitter)



The Sandman. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is a great property. Actually I’ve talked to Neil about it before. I think it’s one of the great really interesting modernist tales. Also, on the complete other side of the universe I’ve always been a fan of The Flash. Although the outfit would have to definitely change, with those little wigs on his ears.

Well, Mangold is a good director from Girl Interrupted (1999) to The Wolverine (2013). He has the ability to keep comic book action with a serious tone as seen from his new movie, The Wolverine. This is the guy to direct a DC movie for Warner Bros. But will he and will the studio choose me to do so? No one knows at this point, but it’s good to hear that Mangold wants to try out. The funny thing is that Flash wasn’t even his first movie choose, it was Sandman. The Vertigo titles are surely being looked at as a possible chance to play with on screen. Not many fans would complain about adapting a Vertigo title for on-screen of course, Constantine  (2005) remains to be a disappointment for some fans.

charlie hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

Anyway, so let’s entertain this idea that Mangold directs a Flash movie. Who would play as Flash? Charlie Hunnan? According to Chud and their reliable inside source at Warner Bros., it seems that the studio might either be looking into getting Charlie Hunnan (Sons of Anarchy) to play as Flash or for an actor who looks similar to Hunnan. Since The Dark Knight Trilogy, there is a formula that is being used for the DC movies. Most of the actors who play superheroes are unknown or have a minor roles on TV shows and in movies. But, really the studio looks for an actor who can portray the DC character well on screen.

Since the big reveal of a Superman vs. Batman movie coming out 2015 by Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer, there are talks of a Flash movie coming out 2016. So, basically all this can happen if Warner Bros. acts now to get the ball rolling at this point. Please do remember, the whole Flash movie has not been entirely confirmed by official sources yet. Keep the hope alive and keep shouting out who might be the best cast for Flash and any other Justice League members. 

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Source- Yahoo, Chud via IGN  

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