Adventures of Superman #13 Review: Infant in Arms

by Daniel Gehen
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Another week, another installment of The Adventures of Superman. Check out our review as the series hits a baker’s dozen.

AOS 13b Adventures of Superman is a title within DC’s digital library that has, for the most part, delivered consistent and strong Superman stories that are not bogged down by continuity. With issue #13, Nathan Edmonson (Grifter, Image’s The Activity) gives us the opening chapter of a two-part story. Joining him on art duties is Yildray Cinar (The Fury of Firestorm, Image’s Noble Causes). These two creators us an opening story with your standard superhero presence – our hero must protect a telepathic alien baby from the military and an extraterrestrial invasion.


AOS 13cEdmonson clearly gets Superman as a character. When talking about making Superman more serious, my thoughts have always been that the world which Superman inhabits can be dark, but he remains the light. And this is exactly what Edmonson delivers with his interpretation of the Man of Steel.

I’m continuously impressed by the quality of the art this title gets. Cinar does a great job “directing” this issue.  The framing of each panel has a very cinematic feel. Action-packed splash pages, as well as quieter moments, are very well drawn.


AOS 13dBeing that this is a two-part story, this issue is mostly setup for next week. Unfortunately, the reading experience this week feels very incomplete. There simply is not much that happens here. I couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied when I reached the end here. I’m sure that this chapter will read much better with next week’s installment, but on its own this installment is not particularly strong.

Verdict Rating3 (3/5)

Adventures of Superman #13 is not the strongest installment in DC’s digital first offering, but this two-part arc shows promise. The depiction of Superman himself is the strongest feature, and will bring me back for me. Hopefully the overall story is able to prove greater than the sum of its parts.

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