REVIEW: Smallville Season Eleven #57: No Disaster Too Small

Last issue of Smallville (check out my review!) saw the first appearance of Wonder Woman in the Smallville-universe, daringly coming to Martha Kent’s rescue. This issue, Clark and Lois are on the hunt to figure out who attacked Senator Kent.

What do they discover? Check out my review below!


The Good:

This is a fun issue. In the grim-dark world of DC’s New 52, Smallville Season Eleven shines bright with humor, warmth, and just plain fun. Gone are the wars and the death of heroes. The most trying tribulation that Superman faces in this issue? Not a war between Justice Leagues or foiling yet another of Lex Luthor’s evil machinations; No, in this issue,IMG_1776 Superman overhears an upset little girl crying about leaving her stuffed bear behind and in true “boy scout” fashion, promptly returns it to her. As he tells Lois, “no disaster too small”.

With such few words, writer Bryan Q. Miller immediately tells the reader that he knows what Superman is about in a way that few writers seem to really grasp these days. Yes, the big, world-ending events are important, but so too are the smaller, everyday “disasters”. Coupled with Jorge Jimenez’s iconic Clark Kent depictions and this issue just feels like classic Superman.

The dialogue is fresh and invigorating, as Lois and Clark banter and tease. IMG_1772Miller seems to understand the importance of their relationship and after having read many an issue of New-52’s Superman / Wonder Woman pairing, seeing Clark and Lois repartee again feels like a breath of fresh air. I can’t emphasize enough how much Bryan Q. Miller “gets” these characters, and the devil really is in the details. Ma Kent wearing a Superman apron, for instance. Or Lois Lane unbuttoning her pants after a filling Kent dinner feast, there’s a joviality and familiarity between the characters that feels honest and true.

Eventually Lois decides to look into the mysterious “woman in white” while Clark investigates the shady Director of the D.E.O. “Bones”. And just when the reader is starting to wonder how Steve Trevor and Diana of Themyscira will tie into all this, Miller’s surprise ending will ensure a return next week to see how it plays out.

The Bad:

This reader was left wanting more in a very good way. That’s hardly a negative criticism, however.

The classic Clark Kent look, complete with spit curl
The classic Clark Kent look, complete with spit curl

Final Verdict:


With fun, witty dialogue and beautifully rendered visuals, Bryan Q. Miller and Jorge Jimenez deliver another satisfying entry with Smallville Season Eleven #57. With a new issue releasing digitally every Friday (and for only $0.99!) this is certainly not one to miss!

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