Joe Manganiello Talks About His Potential BATMAN Candidacy

by Mark Povelaitis
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Joe Manganiello (from the hit HBO television show True Blood) is one of the actors rumored to be vying for the Dark Knight’s cape in the upcoming Batman / Superman film. Other actors include Josh Brolin (a popular frontrunner) and Ryan Gosling, with Arnie Hammer having dropped out of the running.


With inside sources saying that “Wayne/Batman will be in the late 30s or around the 40 mark” these potential candidates certainly seem plausible. Manganiello, in an interview with MTV, has expressed interest in playing the character, if he is allowed to play the character a bit differently, as something David Fincher-esque.

“I want to do something that’s a real deconstruction of the genre,” Manganiello tells MTV News. “There’s so many superhero projects out there that it’s almost like they’re becoming normal, so I want to do one that just flips it on its head and makes it crazy. I want to make the ‘Fight Club’ of superhero movies.”

As always, we’ll keep you up to date as any new information on potential casting develops. The untitled Batman / Superman film is currently in pre-production and is scheduled for a 2015 release.

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