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Next month DC kicks off its first post-“Trinity War” event with the much hyped “Villains Month”. Each issue will be shipped with a special 3D cover available to consumers at $3.99 each and, according to DC Comics’ “Direct Channel” retailer newsletter, all fifty-two of the issues are currently sold out at a “publisher level” – meaning every copy they planned to print has been allocated to retailers.

Joker #1 – part of “Villains Month”

To fulfill demand, DC will also release a Standard Edition 2D cover, priced at $2.99, that will release the same day as the Special Editions. DC also indicated that these issues will be available in digital format, though without any special 3D covers.

DC also plans to release a special “Villains Month: 3D Motion Complete Set” collection in December, featuring all all fifty-two Villains Month issues with 3D covers, plus a 3D cover of Forever Evil #1, priced at $199.99, saving about eleven dollars. Comic book stores have until August 12th to place their orders for the 3D covers, so fans should act quickly if they would like to reserve a complete set.

Finally, the DC Newsletter indicated that they have increased the Final Order Cutoff date of Forever Evil #1 to August 12, 2013. The book is still planned to ship on September 4, 2013, with a standard edition and an incentive 3D Motion variant. Retailers can order one copy of the 3D variant for every 25 copies of the standard edition.

What do you guys think about “Villains Month”? Are you a fan of the 3D Motion covers or do you prefer the Standard Edition 2D ones? As always, feel free to comment down below and like us on Facebook and follow our [email protected]DCComicsNews!

Source: Newsarama

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