PREVIEWS: Superboy #23 Match Game

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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With the events of last issue and the cover, Match Game fits this issue.  Match was the name of the Bizarro-like clone of Superboy prior to Flashpoint, and some parallels are upcoming for Superboy including Match and a meeting with a Titans Tomorrow-like Superboy in Teen Titans.  Also this issue with Dr. Psycho is leading into the Psi-War crossover with the Superman titles and Psycho Pirate‘s introduction into the New 52.  If that was not enough, this issue will be a hint possibly of what is to come as the Teen Titans are still around in Forever Evil as well as events with Hel lead into another Superman event.  What else is in story this issue, and how will this issue end with Villains Month next month?  Finally it may be interesting to see if any connections to Dr. Psycho‘s involvement with Trinity War is addressed as seen in the previews of Justice League of America #7?


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