August in DC Comics history

Another month already is upon us in 2013, and of course August has also been full of events in DC Comics over 75 year history.  Here is a glimpse of some of them for the month of August including events from the 1976 DC Comics Calendar.

2011: As part of their The New 52 publishing scheme, DC Comics cancels all their ongoing titles.

2008 (5 years ago): Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds & Final Crisis: Revelation started

1993 (20 years ago): The New Titans #100: “The Darkening, Part Four: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something… Dead,” by Marv Wolfman, Tom Grummett, and Bill Jaaska.

1988 (25 years ago): C.O.P.S. & Batman: The Cult (4 issues) was released

1983 ( 30 years ago): DC Graphic Novels: Star Raiders

1978 (35 years ago): The DC Implosion takes hold, Aquaman is cancelled with issue #63, Claw the Unconquered cancelled with issue #12, Freedom Fighters cancelled with issue #15, Karate Kid cancelled with issue #15, Mister Miracle cancelled with issue #25, and Shade, the Changing Man cancelled with issue #9

1973 (40 years ago): Metal Men, with issue #44 (August /September cover date) stops until 1976; Shilo Norman/Mister Miracle is introduced in Mister Miracle #15

1968 (45 years ago): The Legion Academy introduced in Adventure Comics #371 ; Bat Lash, is introduced in Showcase #76; Cain, is introduced in House of Mystery #175; Chemical King introduced in Adventure Comics #371; Red Tornado, introduced in Justice League of America #64

1963 (50 years ago): Young Romance moves to DC with issue #125

1958 (55 years ago): Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is introduced in Batman #113



From the 1976 DC Comics Calender:

1: Birthday of The Joker (real name unknown)

2: Dr. Charles McNider blinded by killer’s grenade (see December 1)

3: Superman made world citizen by the U.N.

5: Superboy discovers Kryptonite

6: Birthday of Kid Eternity (real name unknown) [Pre-Crisis name later revealed as Christopher “Kit” Freeman, brother of Freddy Freeman]

7: Birthday of Morgan Edge, President of Galaxy Communications

9: Ma & Pa Kent die of fever plague

10: Boston Brand murdered, becomes Deadman

11: Linda Lee adopted by Fred & Edna Danvers

13: Steve Trevor’s plane crashes on Friday the 13th

14: Supergirl adopts Streaky, the Super-Cat

15: Birthday of Ral Benem (Chorophyll Kid) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes

16: Birthday of Prof. Ira West, the Flash’s father-in-law

17: Birthday of Lois Lane

18: Birthday of Wing How (Wing), Crimson Avenger’s partner (full name revealed in Crimson Avenger mini-series)

20: Birthday of Jan Arrah (Element Lad)

21: Birthday of Shiera Sanders (golden age Hawkgirl)

23: Freddy Freeman becomes Captain Marvel, Jr.

” : Kid Eternity dies before his time, gets powers

25: Dick Grayson’s first appearance as Robin [Pre-Crisis version]

27: Lab accident destroys Luthor’s great discovery, makes him lose his hair. He blames Superboy, starts feud

28: Ralph Dibny marries Sue Dearborn, publicly reveals he is Elongated Man

29: Birthday of “Eel” O’Brian (Plastic Man)

30: Superman builds his Fortress of Solitude

31: J’onn J’onzz, Martian Manhunter, quits JLA and leaves Earth to join his exiled people


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Source Wikipedia & DC Universe Calendar