PREVIEWS: Justice League #23 Trinity War Conclusion

This is the week.  The end of Trinity War and the beginning of Villains Month and Forever Evil.  More and more hints have been coming up about who The Outsider is including some seeing in the Director’s Cut of Justice League #22 that it is Alfred Pennyworth of Earth 3.  The preview this week has a great mix of the current of Trinity War, hints of The Outsider and how long he has been here, and more history of the Justice League tying some pre-Flashpoint history in with the New 52 history.  With how epic the Trinity War story has been so far, the conclusion should be huge.  With hints in Justice League #22, what will the fate be of the Justice League members minus Batman who has been revealed to be around in Forever Evil?  Who will stay and who will go?  Who is the traitor Outsider references?  What will happen to the remaining members of the Trinity of Sin?  Will the Crime Syndicate meet the Justice League yet?  For sure, the 3 leagues will never be the same after this issue!

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Source: Buzzfeed