PREVIEW: Ame-Comi Girls #7

by Electro Belton
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The mainstream Teen Titans had already fought Trigon in the pages of Teen Titans and now their Ame-Comi counterparts, the Teen Hellions are set to face off against Trigon. Jessie Quick aka Zombie Flash (which is exactly what it says on the tin) makes friends with Red Raven and her friends. However Trigon arrives to stop the festivities between the two. Think Zombie Flash, Red Raven, and the other Hellions would survive Trigon? Either way, it would truly be a great world saving girls night out. It is available now digitally or at your local comic book shop.

AmeComiGirl 7_Print_Cover Ame-Comi_7_1 Ame-Comi_7_2 Ame-Comi_7_3 Ame-Comi_7_4 Ame-Comi_7_5


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Source: DC Comics


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