Batman Beyond #3 Review: Party Crashers

by Daniel Gehen
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Riots in Arkham?! Dick telling off Bruce?! Babs facing a massive career move?! We aren’t even halfway through Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas inaugural arc of Batman Beyond 2.0, but stuff is starting to hit the fan in a big way. And as Terry continues to struggle maintaining relationships with his loved ones, we find ourselves closer to the identity of the High Voltage Killer.


Batman Beyond 3dLet it be known that Kyle Higgins is not afraid to mess with the status quo of the Beyond universe. As issue #3 hits Comixology, the creative team drops in a few more hints as to what changes have been made to the world of Terry McGinnis. The double life of being a costumed vigilante, coupled with being away at college, is straining the relationships Terry has with his mother and brother.

Batman Beyond 3cIt’s a well written scene that is emotional without being heavy-handed. Higgins’ writing is not only solid for character moments, but also for your common comic book tropes. While we still do not know the identity of the mysterious High Voltage Killer, the cliffhanger, though clichéd, leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

When Thony Silas brings his A-game to the issue, the art looks gorgeous. This is specifically true in the character-focused scenes. Terry, Dick, Babs, and the rest of the cast look really good.


While Silas’ art looks really good for some of the issue, there are significant portions that do not reach the same heights in quality. The opening sequence, a riot at Arkham, appears rushed. This is the case throughout the issue, as well-drawn, detailed panels are surrounded by ones that are sloppily constructed. The inking, also by Silas, is just as inconsistent. Considering how solid the art has looked, this issue was a letdown in that regard.

Verdict Rating4 (4/5)

Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to be one of DC’s best offerings. Despite the drop in quality in art, the story remains the strength of the title. Higgins is crafting a story that honors the history of Batman Beyond while making it new and exciting. As he has done for Nightwing, the building of a new world for the protagonist is shaping up to be a fun ride.

Batman Beyond 3e

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