REVIEW: FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #3 – Somewhat Expected

by Mark Povelaitis
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Last issue was a fun romp with a cliffhanger ending, which began with FBP agents Adam and Jay entering the Bubbleverse to pursue a rescue operation and ended with a bullet heading towards Adam’s head. This issue picks up in the immediate aftermath.

Does Simon Oliver maintain the same level of quality? Find out below!

The Good:


Well I’m going to spoil the ending of issue #2 for you right now. The main character, Adam, does not die. Which is why I’m not particularly fond of cliffhangers of that nature. The way in which the bullet contorts and merely causes our hero a “flesh wound” however, is well done. Robbi Rodriguez continues to kill it with the art this week, showcasing some wonderfully mind-bending Physics of the Bubbleverse.

Adam and Mr. Crest staging a daring escape down the side of a building is especially fun and entertaining. The ideas of this series are exciting, even if the execution in this particular issue falls into a bit of a lull.

Mr. Oliver clearly has a very interesting story to tell here. We’re given a bit of backstory of Adam’s upbringing, as well as what may have driven him through the FBP’s doors. The dialogue is snappy and adequate. Unfortunately there isn’t much story in this issue, which is clearly the middle part of the story arc, leaving the reader wondering if maybe this issue is a bit of a “time killer” until the inevitable finale.


Robbi Rodriguez’s art steals the spotlight a bit this issue. Plenty of exciting gravity (and death) defying physics abound. The Bubbleverse is a bit of a gift to both artist and writer, as anything is possible, which frees up the visual storytelling to be both bold and different.

Nathan Fox’s cover (seen to the right) again draws the reader in, with bright opposing colors. I’m not sure who the character depicted on the cover is, though I suppose it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it is Adam. Unfortunately this isn’t necessarily adequately confirmed, leaving the reader to enjoy a pretty cover that seemingly doesn’t relate to the issue at all. But it is pretty.

The Bad:

I was not a huge fan of this issue, to be honest. While it does some necessary world building, it felt more of a chore than excitement. Perhaps this is because it is the third part of a multi-part opening arc, still developing, and I am being unnecessarily critical of it.


It just didn’t fire on all cylinders for me like the first two issues did.

The art continues to be phrenetic and entertaining but the story was lacking in this issue, unfortunately. I hope this opening arc  has an exciting conclusion because I would really like to support such an interesting and conceptual series. The flashbacks of Adam’s past certainly pointed in the right direction, as well as learning a bit more of the bad guy’s plot. 


Final Verdict:


Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez tread a little bit of water here with FBP #3. However, this series still presents some very ideas that make it a worthwhile read. Hopefully the conclusion of this opening arc will recapture a bit of the magic present in the series opening.

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