Fox Wins Bidding War For New DC Show “Gotham”.

When you think Batman and his cast of characters, it’s likely that you’ll think of one particular character right away.

Commissioner Gordon.

That’s right, the Commissioner is going to be getting his very own show on Fox. The show will depict Gordon during his Detective years before becoming the Commissioner, and even before he meets Batman, who reportedly will not be in the show.



This may end up as a surprise to many of you who would expect DC’s future television shows to show up on the CW considering their history with Smallville, Arrow, and the upcoming Flash TV show. Though with a franchise as popular as Batman, you can imagine almost every channel wanted a piece of that action.

For now we don’t have a release date, or any other hard fact other than Bruno Heller, writer on shows such as Rome and The Mentalist, will be working closely with the show.

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And who knows, maybe this will lead to crossovers between Gotham, Arrow, and the yet unnamed Flash television show.

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Source: Deadline