Justice League Dark Fan film

When you hear Justice League most people immediately think of the main Justice League (Supeman, Wonder woman, and Batman). Some more veteran DC fans may think of Martain Manhunter, Catwoman, or  Steve Trevor. Very few immediately think of John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, or even The Phantom Stranger. Happy Reaper productions is hoping to change that.

Happy Reaper Production’s project is called League Dark: The Gathering. This short film will star Madame Xanadu who is on a mission to recruit some of the most powerful  characters in the arcane world: John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger  and Zatanna Zatara.  Once assembled, their journey will begin by saving Deadman Rama  Kushna.

The film is still looking for donors. Fans can give from as little as $1 dollar to $700. Each gift lets you claim a perk. Perks can be a simple as a Thank You, bumper stickers, pint glasses with John Constantine embossed on it, copies of the script, and even your name in the credits as an Executive Producer.

The $200 perk will get Mike Janin, artist and creator of Justice League Dark, to create 2 commissions of any character for the donor, each measuring 11″ x 17″. Janin has offered to do any character in the DCU.

The fundraising ends October 21st. Check out the source page to follow the progress of the film.

Source: Indiegogo