PREVIEWS: Detective Comics #24-The “FINAL” battle with Wrath

For the 2nd time in the young New 52 timeline, Batman is meeting a rogue gallery member per the solicit for the “final time”.  Back in the early issues of Batman: The Dark Knight, it was said that Bane‘s battle with Batman was the “final” battle between them. Now this week, the battle with Wrath is said to be their “final battle”.  A villain that could have had their own Villains Month issue, however with all the major villain players in the Batman Rogue Gallery, there was a limited number of villains that could be used.  The story has been eventful especially with the development of Wrath and Scorn.  What will happen to Wrath after this issue?  Will he be a one-hit wonder similar to his prior incarnation, or does the “final” word not hold true for the Batman Rogue Gallery.

Batman’s final confrontation with The Wrath is here! Can Batman stop his evil counterpart from claiming any more victims as an epic battle bursts onto the city streets?

Written by: John Layman

Art by:  Jason Fabok

Cover by:  Jason Fabok

Variant Cover by:  Jason Fabok

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count:  32

U.S. Price: 3.99

On Sale Date: Oct 2 2013

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Source: DC Comics Facebook