Warner Bros. CEO Comes Forward To Say, “We Need To Get Wonder Woman On The Big Screen Or TV”

by Graham MacDougall
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That’s right, Warner Bros. hasn’t forgotten about the Amazonian Princess. While many of us might of assumed that DC/WB might of been passing over Diana frequently, it’s now apparent that at some levels of WB they realize how important of a character she is when establishing a cinematic universe.

In a recent interview with WB’s CEO Kevin Tsujihara about their recent deal with J.K. Rowling to make more Harry Potter films, he also discussed future plans with DC properties, saying that they have; “huge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV.” This is readily apparent with DC announcing plans for a Flash tv show, a show dedicated to James Gordon named Gotham, and a show about fan favourite John Constantine, and with this quote it seems that they may even announce more shows in the coming future while not announcing many plans for the big screen.

Kevin also stated that WB; “need[s] to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”



It’s good to know that the higher ups haven’t completely forgotten about Wonder Woman, someone who is one of the most important characters in the DC Universe and quite possibly one of the best female characters/heroes DC has to offer.

This also represents a great opportunity for DC to sneak up on Marvel in their cinematic universe. If they can get the Amazonian Princess on the big screen they’ll be able to beat Marvel to the punch of having a Superhero film with a female lead. Well, the first film of this generation of superhero films.

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