PREVIEWS: Batman #24 Zero Year with the debut of Joker and the 1st Batman costume in the DCnU

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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The Zero Year history and build-up continues.  Even with Villains Month, there was connections to Zero Year.  This issue entails the classic Batman debut with his 1st costume in his New 52 history and another item the variant covers have shown is that this is the issue that will have the classic Red Hood vs Batman battle that spawns Joker.  The preview also gives a new “look” for Bruce going into his role of Batman. With all the connections so far for Zero Year, what more will we find out this issue, and how will this issue catapult the DCnU into all the November tie-in issues to Zero Year. Also will the Joker history remain vague as who was under the mask or will we find out more?  Finally, Poison Ivy has been mentioned, Riddler, Penguin, and now Joker has been used, who will be next of the Batman Rogue Gallery to show up?  Also Scott Snyder on Twitter has given a tease of Alfred and the grandfather clock.

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Source: USA Today

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