Batman #24 (ZERO YEAR PART 4) Review: The Dark Night

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This review contains spoilers

Batman #24  brings us into Part Four in the “Zero Year” event. Some pivotal Bat-moments happen right here in this chunky $6.99 mega issue, so how does it rate with DCN? Lets dig in.

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Everything. EVERYTHING. Every single aspect of this issue is just absolutely amazing. The coloring is the best I have ever seen in a comic book—even better than last week’s issue (and i sang its praises). The Bat-Symbol over Gotham (shown above), The fight at Ace Chemical, and so much more took my breath taking. It shows that sometimes bright colors can convey much more than the dark and gritty colors we’ve been seeing in the earlier issues.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo hit their peak in this issue. As usual writing and art are on maximum overdrive. Capullo’s designs for the original Bat-Suit (PURPLE GLOVES FTW) are a joy to look at, and i couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face when ever Batman popped up. Capullo also brings life to a very entertaining fight scene in Ace Chemical, which pits Batman against a large group of Red Hoods.

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Scott Snyder masterfully re-tells many key Batman concepts and lore in the issue. The first public appearance of Batman by means of a Detective Comics #27 homage, and a slight twist on the creation of Joker which was executed quite nicely.

At this point in the Zero Year story, we know that it will be up there with the likes of “Year One.” With this double sized issue, Scott Snyder has expanded upon many of the ideas that were tossed around of Zero Year in one rather than what could have been too. This feels extra rewarding after waiting a whole month for the story to continue thanks to Villain’s Month. After reading Batman #24 its clear that there will be so much more to Zero Year going into the next few months.

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Well, maybe the fact that the issue would have been much better if Guillem March’s Spoilerific Variant cover and the NYCC Variant weren’t released ahead of time. It sort of takes away from the big surprise (shown above), but not even that can take away from how excellent this issue is.

THE VERDICT: Rating5(5/5)

Batman #24  is one of the greatest single issues of Batman in a long, long time. The issue features the first appearance of Batman in the New 52, The creation of The Joker, and the prelude to the next section of Zero Year called “Dark City”. All of this and more is jammed packed into this $6.99 beast of an issue.

This is what all superhero comics should strive to be. Snyder and friends don’t just hit the ball out of the park, they drop a heat-seeking nuclear airstrike on top of the ball park, decimating the park and launching the ball into the upper atmosphere (this is what actually happened in the movie Gravity). Batman #24 will definitely be a contender for single issue of the year in my books. Everything aspect of this book is in perfect equilibrium.

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Batman #24 is written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV with pencils by Greg Capullo and Rafael Albuquerque. It is available in print or digitally for $6.99 USD

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