Green Lantern: New Guardians #24 – Review

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Green Lantern – New Guardians #24


We are half way through the Green Lantern event Lights Out!





The “Lights Out” event may be told in four different Green Lantern books with four different writers, but they have done a great job of making it feel like one big story written by a single author. The entities inclusion in the story is interesting and we did see some foreshadowing of this a few issues before.


Poor Kyle, it seems, is doomed to be taken over by something so it might as well be him on this occasion. Hal’s reaction in this issue is typical for him and over the top all at the same time. This issue makes it very hard to believe that someone new will not be leading the Corps by the end of “Lights Out.” Hal is a good warrior and a capable field commander but not an executive; he simply cannot see the big picture. But the portrayal here is spot on this is how he would act if he was ever given command of the Corps.


The Guardians do seem to be growing up quite a bit here. The past few issues have made them seem more like carbon copies of the original Guardians but here we start to see them have their own and very distinct personality. They seem to really care for their friend Kyle and go so far to bluff the entities to win him his freedom again. I really hope this is the direction that we continue to go with them because these Guardians are characters that not only would make good additions to the Green Lantern Universe but could take over a leadership role again.




I am not sure if you would call this negative, but if you are not reading the other parts of “Lights Out” you will be extremely lost in this issue. Remember, this is not a cross-over like most recent DC events. This is a chapter of a story, so please do not even try to read this issue if you have not kept up.


This issue has a lot of problems that middle of the arc books have in all types of mediums. Being in the middle of a story sometimes means that we have a lot of sludge that we have to go through to get where we are going but we still have to get through the sludge. The overall arc of lights out is very interesting but this story just has us stuck in neutral.




I really have enjoyed this title recently and it is tough to really think of this as New Guardians story and not a Green Lantern story. It is still enjoyable as an issue and let’s face it if you are a Green Lantern fan at all you are going to be reading Lights Out.





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