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Two years ago, DC relaunched their entire comic book line and restarted most of the series with new issue #1s. Now two years later, Forever Evil #1 hit the stands and gave an inside look on how the Crime Syndicate take over the DC Universe with a few oppositions of course. Geoff Johns, the writer for the mini-series mentions that the shake up will continue until March and in the following month Geoff has this to say: “Come April, the DC Universe will be a very different place.” Kinda ironic don’t you think considering the ramifications of 2011’s Flashpoint which is the lead in to the new 52. Geoff Johns sat down with Newsarama and discussed his plans for the future of the DC Universe.

Here are some of the highlights:

GJ: When the series started to develop it grew organically out of a Justice League story and the re-introduction of the Crime Syndicate. The idea was – if the Justice League was taken out and the heroes were down and out who would replace them? And that started to grow into a bigger story, focusing on Lex Luthor.

Johns also elaborates on how popular villains are by having the chance to write the villains in their own stories from a POV that make them the protagonists of the story.

GJ: With Forever Evil, what I wanted to do was contrast these villains with a greater evil — an evil that is a little alien to us. And with a group of characters that are devoid of the redeemable qualities I think a lot of DC villains inherently have. By removing the superheroes from the equation, having an evil force like the Crime Syndicate come in — which is essentially a twisted, dark Justice League — having them come in and try to take over the world, it leaves a vacuum for someone to save us…and what if that ends up being filled by the world’s greatest villains? Who are they? Why would they do that? Which ones would?

The Crime Syndicate’s world of Earth 3 is truly a crapsack world because it doesn’t involve sympathy, empathy, sacrifice and love.

GJ: But then, with the Crime Syndicate, I think that the best thing about writing them, for me, is that they’re almost a different breed of villainy. They’re very grim characters, and they’re very twisted. Again, they come from a place where things are valued differently.

You can read the entire interview here

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Source: Newsarama


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