Batman: The Dark Knight Ending with Issue 29

by Cameron Clark
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Gregg Hurwitz just announced that Batman: The Dark Knight will be ending with Issue #29.  He has been on the title for the last two years, and promises some great things in the last few issues including a new and improved Man-Bat .  During his tenure he has helped the Dark Knight make it onto the New York Times hardcover graphic novels list.

Hurrwitz ends his announcement saying, “I have more coming up beyond the title as well. I’m honored to be contributing to the Detective #27 anniversary issue with a story drawn by Neal Adams, and I’m hoping we’ll find more excuses for me to dive into Batcave beyond that. But for the moment, I want to dim the Bat-Signal and thank you all for supporting Batman: The Dark Knight. The ride would not have been possible without you.”

Source: Gregg Hurrwitz blog



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