Superman/Wonder Woman #3 Review

by Graham MacDougall
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Superman/Wonder Woman #3

We continue the journey with DC’s new power couple as Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel continue to go down the rabbit hole into Superman’s past, Diana’s present, and the future of their relationship.


Soule has shown us that not all super powered couples have to be doom, gloom, and bickering all the time.

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Superman and Wonder Woman have defied the initial skepticism of their relationship by being an extremely effective team, both professionally and in their personal lives. Soule is an absolute joy when it comes to his dialogue. It’s both intelligent and to the point; he knows what he wants a character to say, when to say it, and how best to say it. Considering many writers have a tendency to be verbose in their writing, this is a great quality in Soule.

Daniels began his run on Superman/Wonder Woman with a bit of a hiccup. A lot of his illustrations in the first issue felt a bit rushed and didn’t seem complete, or at least not given the proper amount of polish that was required. However, his work this month is greatly improved. Everything this time around is gorgeous; the locations and the characters all just pop and leap off the page.


There aren’t many negatives in Superman/Wonder Woman #3. Soule and Daniel have been on the upswing ever since they began this series. While the whole timeline of this initial story is fairly confusing, considering it has to take place before Forever Evil, it’s hard to harshly criticize a comic for having to conform to the larger stories of the large universe it resides within.

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Verdict: rating4outof5-300x51 4/5

Superman/Wonder Woman is quickly becoming one of the stronger titles in DC’s line up; everything from the writing to the art is fantastic and just a joy. Soule even manages to make Bruce and Clark have a more believable relationship in two pages than Pak has done with six issues in Batman/Superman.

If you’re not already reading Superman/Wonder Woman, start immediately because it’s only three issues in. It’s very easy to just jump right into and you won’t regret it.

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