Yale Stewart Doing Superman Book?

Yale Stewart is the creator of JL8, a popular fan-made newspaper strip-style comic about child versions of DC Comics characters attending elementary school together. Recently, Stewart posted this picture on his personal Instagram and Tumblr accounts:


Along with the picture, Stewart posted a note saying “Barring any editorial changes, I just finished production on my first children’s book.” Fans of JL8 have for a long time been stating their hopes that DC would pick up Yale Stewart professionally, and he recently got into major comics publishing with a two-page backup story in Marvel’s Nova #100. A recent video he posted claimed that JL8 was going on hiatus due to him pursuing some larger projects, including children’s books, and it seems one of those is for DC.

So, what does this mean? When Stewart says “Children’s book”, does he mean a comic book aimed towards younger readers, or a more conventional picture book? Will it be just about Superman, or will other DC characters be involved? Only time will tell.

Source: Tumblr