Fables New Cover Artist Nimit Malavia Hopes to Honor and Add to Series.

by Alexander Cerola
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Bill Willingham’s glorious Fables end lurks around the corner but that doesn’t stop Vertigo from recruiting top talent, Nimit Malavia is his name and illustration is his game. Recruited as Fables new regular cover artist beginning in March, Nimit Malavia first Fables cover hit’s stands this March with Fables #130 which begins the arc “Boys in the Band.”

"No Winter Without Spring" Kids Are Alright selection

“No Winter Without Spring” Kids Are Alright selection

Newsarama interviewed Nimit Malavia on his creative process, how he knew of Fables, and it’s use as a creative medium.

Somebody's Little Girl Dreams of the Things She Reads" from The Kids Are Alright.

Somebody’s Little Girl Dreams of the Things She Reads” from The Kids Are Alright.

“I was very aware, I think first coming across the series when I was in college. Initially, as an illustration student, the cover art was what drew me to the book. The series felt like this great fantasy for aspiring artists, the type of project where it seemed like the perfect marriage of artful freedom, and compelling and nuanced subject matter.

This fantasy, of course, is only possible because of the stunning legacy of images produced by James Jean and Joao Ruas; it was the kind of thing that you would hope to create throughout your career as an image-maker. It wasn’t until a little after my initial exposure though, that I realized the gorgeous packaging was simply a reflection of the treasure that is Bill’s Fables narrative.”

Nimit Malavia’s website.

Source: Newsarama


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