Preview: Forever Evil #4

by Cameron Clark
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In Forever Evil #4 writer Geoff Johns, and artists David Finch and Richard Friend follow Batman and Catwoman as they work to find a way to stop the Crime Syndicate.  Batman and Lex Luthor come face to face as war spreads across the Earth and villains form alliances.  This cover ships with six covers, and will also be offered as a combo pack with a digital download redemption code.  Forever Evil #4 releases December 24, 2013.

Forever-Evil-Cv4_villain_BForever-Evil-4_4 Forever-Evil-4_5 Forever-Evil-4_6-7 Forever-Evil-4_8Forever-Evil-Cv4_villain_A Forever-Evil-Cv4_villain_CForever-Evil-Cv4_combo_C1

Source: Newsarama

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