Red Lantern Supergirl to Debut in February Flipbook

by Oscar Bergeron-Oakes
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In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Green Lantern scribe Robert Venditti and Red Lanterns writer Charles Soule discussed all things Lanterns, including Supergirl joining the Red Lanterns, the return of Atrocitus, and the challenges both Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner will face leading their respective corps.

Supergirl joins the Green Lantern universe in February's issue. Cover art by Billy Tan.

Supergirl joins the Green Lantern universe in February’s issue. Cover art by Billy Tan.

Supergirl’s entrance into this corner of the DC universe will occur in the February issues of Green Lantern and Red Lanterns. Previously announced as a flipbook that will combine the two issues, the appearance of this new Red Lantern will warrant an over-arching story that connects the two stories together.

“It’s such a huge discovery that happens with this new Red Lantern that it mandates, despite all the plotlines going on in the books, that this is a situation they have to deal with immediately, because of what it could mean and the potential repercussions of it,” Venditti said. “That’s how the Red Lanterns and the Green Lanterns come together.”

Soule went on to confirm that Supergirl will become a regular member of the Red Lanterns supporting cast that also includes Guy Gardner.

“There’s a lot of stuff she’s been working through, and the idea of bringing her to the Red Lanterns is to explore and develop that and see what we can do to help her with this — I call it a therapy session,” Soule said.

“Red Lanterns are not the kind of people you want to shuffle around, they’re dangerous, and you have to keep an eye on them — and Guy Gardner feels fairly responsible for her,” Soule continued to say. “He’s not the reason she’s a Red Lantern, but at the same time, she’s someone that he wants to keep an eye on, so she’s there, she’s part of the cast, for sure.”

Guy Gardner will also debut a new look in the coming months in order to exhibit his transition from military trooper of the Green to wild and radical leader of the Reds.

“We wanted to mix up Guy’s look a little bit, the idea is, now that he’s not in this paramilitary police organization, he’s going to grow his hair out long, he’s going to have this sweet handlebar mustache — more like a biker gang dude!” Soule stated. “[Artist] Alessandro [Vitti] did this incredible design that looks awesome. It’s very cool!”

Guy Gardner's new look will officially debut in issue 27. Cover Art for Issue 28 by Alessandro Vitti.

Guy Gardner’s new look will officially debut in issue 27. Cover Art for Issue 28 by Alessandro Vitti.

Beyond February’s mega-issue, Guy Gardner will be leading the Red Lanterns as they patrol Sector 2814, including Earth. Atrocitus will make his attempt at vengeance against Guy Gardner, and the fate of Earth will hang in the balance.

“He’s very anxious to revenge himself on Guy Gardner,” Soule said. “So that’s a dramatic problem, particularly because if the Reds own 2814 and Atrocitus wins, then he has Earth to do whatever the hell he wants with. The stakes are very high and its Guy realizing no matter how much he tries to step back from responsibility, responsibility is going to find him anyway.”

As for Hal Jordan, he will have to deal with enemies of the corps attempting to seize control, the poor reputation of the Green Lanterns, and fighting to regain control of his home sector that he swore to protect. Hal’s new role as leader of the Green Lanterns will change his perspective, make things more difficult for him, and impact the stories being told in Green Lantern.

“He’s had this responsibility basically taken from him due to errors in judgment he’s made, and how that gets resolved will have a big impact across ‘Green Lantern’ and ‘Red Lanterns’ and across the wider DCU coming out of this storyline for a very long time,” Venditti said. “It’ll be interesting to see how Hal changes in the wake of that — the night is always darkest before the dawn.”

Big changes and climactic battles are coming to the Green Lantern universe. What do you think about everything that’s happening? Be sure to sound off in the comments below.

Supergirl will be a member of the Red Lanterns for the foreseeable future. Issue 29 cover by Vitti.

Supergirl will be a member of the Red Lanterns for the foreseeable future. Issue 29 cover by Vitti.

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