Ray Fawkes focuses on Horror with Batwing in upcoming Batman Eternal

by Alexander Cerola
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Newsarama got the scoop earlier today on DC writer Ray Fawkes and his work on Batman Eternal. Known mostly for his work on Constantine and Trinity of Sin: Pandora Ray Fawkes is no stranger to DC’s dark side. He recalled the working schedule of Batman Eternal, his focus on Batwing being removed from his ‘element’ and being transposed into a genre that’s quite the opposite of Batwings own.

“We’re fleshing out the different parts of Gotham and trying to bring them to life in this weekly, and I think readers of my work know that I have a bit of a morbid sensibility, so I’m approaching it from the horror angle of Gotham City, the nightmare angle. So there’s a lot of darkness in the parts of the story that I’m contributing to, and some of the aspects of the city that I’m helping to bring to life are perhaps some of the less cheerful ones.”

Newsarama also delved into the creative process of Batman: Eternal’s grand collective band, recanted by Fawkes.

“Well, I mean, it’s a lot more work, because we all have to keep abreast of what everyone is doing, and we have to make sure everything is flowing. We’re aware that readers are getting this week-by-week, and it may mean, perhaps, not quite as much recap, because there’s not so much time between the chapters that they read. But it also means keeping all these threads alive. If a reader is reading one week and we switch to another viewpoint, we can’t let them get lost. We need them to still have been carried along with the story lines, to understand (when they switch from one to the next) what’s going on.”

It all sounds rather exciting with dynamic energy for a common passion flinging about the meeting room. From the sounds of Ray Fawkes Batman: Eternal is shaping up to be DC Comic’s latest hit!

Fawkes goes on to comment on the reasoning for using Batwing on his run for Batman: Eternal and the a subtle hint at Batwing’s upcoming new partner.

“The thing is, Batwing is a highly technological hero. He’s very science-based. So we thought it would be very cool to present him with some of the supernatural elements of Gotham.”
“And he has a very surprising supernatural partner. But I don’t think I want to say who that is just yet.”

Source: Newsarama 

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