Since taking control of the Batman Beyond universe, Kyle Higgins has built upon the pre-existing universe that dates back to 1999 while also exploring new territory that is welcoming for old and new readers alike. That trend continues with the emergence of Kirk Langstrom (Man-Bat), who reveals himself to Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Elsewhere, Terry reconnects with an old flame as only Batman can – blatantly untrusting with a smoldering undercurrent of lust.

BB 10a


Thony Silas’ art continues to be strong. His expressive style allows older readers to identify this world as the DC Animated Universe (DCAU), yet is unique and inviting to the uninitiated. Furthermore, this issue is relatively light on action, which lends Silas the opportunity to flex his muscles on strong character driven moments. This might be the best looking installment of the series thus far.

Kyle Higgins’ writing continues to improve with each passing issue. His writing of interactions is very organic, allowing the readers to identify with the characters and relate with the various scenarios they find themselves in.

Ten [digital] issues in, it can affirmatively be said that this title does a great job balancing the stories of its extended cast. While Terry McGinnis is obviously the main character (and deservedly is given the most attention), Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon continue to be fleshed out and serve a greater purpose than simple fan service.

BB 10b


Despite the strength of the writing and art, there’s not much progression in the overall story. With each turn of the page (or, more accurately, swipe of the screen), there is anticipation of some sort of major plot point. Alas, readers are left with only the knowledge of Langstrom’s demands.


Verdict (4/5)

At the risk of sounding repetitive, Batman Beyond 2.0 is a worthy addition to anyone’s pull list. Though the series uses its tenth installment to take a breather with regard to the action, the quality refuses to fade. With the potential plot threads teased at the issue’s end, the creative team looks to have big plans for the coming issues.

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