Sideshow Announces Premium Wonder Woman Figure

by Max Dweck
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Source: Sideshow Collectibles

Wonder Woman Figure

Sideshow Collectibles is a dream store for pop culture lovers. They have tons of high-end, pricey collectible statues and figures of some of the biggest names in pop culture, including Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and of course, DC Comics. Although they’ve had many products featuring characters such as Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern, today they announced their first figure of DC’s leading lady, Wonder Woman

As seen in the video above, the Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure is big and beautiful, showing DC’s famous Amazon on the battlefield in her classic red, gold, and blue outfit. She wield a spear, a shield, and her trademark Golden Lasso of Truth.

Full details aren’t know right now, but Premium Format Figures generally stand over a foot tall (usually about 1:4 scale) and sell for over $300.00 USD. Pre-orders for the figure will be open soon, but how soon and when the pre-orders will be filled remains unknown for now.

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