New Batman Arkham Origins DLC Announced

by Joey Garces
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Last week the creators of Arkham Origins told us to look out for a New Year’s Eve tease about a new upcoming Arkham project. On their Facebook page they posted the following picture.

batman freeze

The caption reads: “You are cordially invited to the Humanitarian of the Year Awards at the Wayne Manor on New Year’s Eve.”


For those of you who are unclear what this means allow me to shed some light. One of the more famous episodes of Batman: The Animated Series occurred when then Gothcorp CEO Ferris Boyle was presented the Humanitarian Award in Wayne Manor only to be ambushed by…MR. FREEZE!

It is later revealed in the episode that Mr. Boyle was actually responsible for pushing Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze’s real name) into a vat of chemicals and stealing his cryogenic formula, and thus Mr. Freeze was created.

frreeze vs

So it looks like this DLC will be focused on the origin of Mr. Freeze as opposed to what many believed would be a Suicide Squad DLC, which would have been equally as awesome.

Source: Facebook


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