Dynamic line Joker Figure Construction with Tim Bruckner

Tim Bruckner posted a bit earlier on the art collab Muddy Colors  today over the construction of a sculpted figure. He describes his love of sculpting the Joker and how this creation has to be parallel to his Batman Dynamics line of figurine-sculpture.



“When I pitched the Dynamics line to DC Direct, I was pretty sure the Joker would be included.” Tim Bruckner elaborates. “It was important that his design stand independently but it also needed to work well when paired with Batman, which had been completed earlier. I did some sketches. Got one approved and started roughing out clay.”

The article is a fun piece that shows his creative process and also delves a bit into his creative head. A must read for any future DC figurine sculptor. The rest of the article can found on Muddy Colors site. Just follow the source link below.

Source: Muddy Colors