With the announcement of the April solicitations, six titles were confirmed to be ending, with Superman UnchainedSuicide Squad, Nightwing, Stormwatch, Teen Titans and Justice League of America getting the ax.

However, for some of these series, it isn’t really an end. Justice League of America is more or less becoming Justice League United, the new series from Jeff Lemire. It’s also suggested that this isn’t the end of Nightwing completely.

“The last issue of Nightwing?!?! Why would they put James on the end of a run?! Could there be reasons?!” James Tynion IV posted on his tumblr. “Could these reasons be further explored in NEXT MONTH’S solicits?!?!?!!?! Could these reasons be SCARY BAD REASONS?!?!?!?!?!!!?!  Our dear Mr. Grayson has some troubles coming his way in Forever Evil. This oversized issue #30 will deal with the fallout of these troubles and show how they effect the whole Bat-Family. It will also set up whatever comes next.”

In addition, it comes as a surprise to many that a series as successful as Superman Unchained would come to an end.

“The 1st big arc has always been 9 issues,” said Scott Snyder through a series of tweets. “While I adore Clark, and love working with Jim Lee, and would have been thrilled to continue, we both have a lot on our plates after Unchained… I really did hope to continue, and Jim did too, and we talked about it — we STILL talk about it! — but getting it together in time is too much.”

Also present are rumors that something big could be in store for the Teen Titans, possibly with Tony S. Daniel.

Stay tuned for updates regarding relaunches of these series.


Superman Unchained #9 Cover Pencils

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