When THE JOKER Met SUPERMAN: Max Landis Re-imagines Their 1st Encounter

Max Landis, screenwriter of the film Chronicle and fan favorite artist Jock (Green Arrow and Batman) are reinventing the first meeting between Superman and the Joker in DC’s digital first series, Adventures of Superman.

“I’ve always found the Joker, like Superman, to be a somewhat ‘blurry’ character. The insular nature of the story made me want to get a little bit experimental, and when you’re working with an artist as powerful as Jock, there’s a great freedom to really explore the medium and use ‘visual art’ in an interpretive way that would just get people confused if you did it in a movie.”
Landis, who also is a maker of YouTube videos, directed a 17-minute short film based on the Death and Return of Superman. This story arc will be his first time writing for the comic medium. The writer says he wants to tread lightly while writing this story, but he plans on creating “more of a portrait than an actual issue.”

Landis admits that he would like to write other stories of the Man of Steel with a graphic novel called Seven Stories already in mind. The story would be short random moments of Clark Kent’s life ranging from age 7 to 44. He is unsure if he will get the chance to someday but that this particular Joker story would have been a part of it.

The two part Adventures of Superman series that is titled “The Sound of One Hand Clapping” is available now for digital download.

Source: USA Today