Reviews: Joker’s Daughter

by Alexander Cerola
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The Joker’s Daughter stars in her very own one-shot this week. Writer Marguerite Bennett along with artist Meghan Hetrick bring the teen terror and her hunt for her nefarious “father,” the fiendish Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. All roads lead her to Batman but will he be so willing to assist this pariah in her search for family?

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The Joker’s Daughter is fleshed out, for better or worse. I can appreciate the concept that Bernett is approaching with Joker’s Daughter, predominately bored teen who simply wishes to be something great, no matter the cost. A very selfish character who possibly embodies the true evil and lengths the Joker himself would go to. She’s the opposite side of the coin when it comes to evil, a sane evil. A bored evil, something any kid living in suburbia is accustomed to.

Meghan Hetrick’s art style contradicts the palette of colors chosen for the villains. In a way, most of the colors appearing on the costumed fiends are very saturated leading to an almost cartoony quality with these characters. It’s a fun romp for the eyes. Everything has a ‘smooth quality over themselves.’ I would say my only complaint is how pale everyone appears.

You and I both Bats.

You and I both Bats.



The Joker’s Daughter is fleshed out, for better or worse. The story is honestly bland. Bringing back what I said earlier, the character is simply sane. Bored sane, and her dialogue shows it. Every paragraph has kill littered about three-four times. It’s simply boring. The dialogue is dull, the thought process of the character is so one dimension that it was a struggle to finish this book. Overall, I find this an insult that DC would continue to push a useless character when there are plenty more villaines’s that deserve the spotlight over this ‘average jane doe’ villain. Might suggest a solo Live Wire book instead? Michelle Madsen your coloring is something else, it’s very enjoyable to the eyes paired with Hetrick’s artwork.


Rating: 2/5

This book will only appeal to the hardcore Joker fanatics that have erupted since Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The people that believe the Joker is the ‘end all, hands down’ greatest villain ever. People who generally like Nickelback. It

Should fans pick this book up? No, it’s just as terrible as the last Joker’s Daughter title. It reads like bad fan fiction with an amazing artist. Megan Hetrick’s artwork should be the only reason to pick this book up. It’s her first title debuting and she is a fantastic artist with great potential.

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