Vertigo’s DMZ Coming to Syfy

by Cameron Clark
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Another DC Comics/Vertigo comic is slated to hit the small screen in the near future.  Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, who were both writers and executive producers on AMC’s hit show Mad Men, are bringing Vertigo’s DMZ to the Syfy Channel.  The husband/wife team were among the first writers brought in to work on Mad Men and eventually they became executive producers for the show.  They will serve as writers for DMZ, while Gravity/Harry Potter producer, David Heyman will serve as producer.

Andre and Maria Jacquemetton

Andre and Maria Jacquemetton

DMZ was created by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli and ran for a total of 72 issues.  DMZ follows a young man trapped in New York after a civil war has turned Manhattan into a demilitarized zone.   At this time there is not a set release date, but we will keep you up to date as more news develops.


Soure: Deadline

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