DC unveils Superman’s ‘Doomsday’

by Alexander Cerola
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According to the Digital Spy Kal El will soon come to blows with an old flame from his rogues gallery, that’s right folks! Doomsday has entered the ring.

This crossover titled “Doomed,” runs over a healthy chunk of the Superman family titles, Actions Comics, Superman, and Superman/Wonder Woman respectably.

Superman/Wonder Woman #8 cover by Tony Daniel

Superman/Wonder Woman #8 cover by Tony Daniel.

‘Doomed’ begins May 7th in the one-shot: Superman: Doomed #1 and if you’re further inclined you may follow the rest of Doomsday’s adventures in Action Comics #31, Superman #31 , and Superman/Wonder Woman #8.


Superman #31 cover by Ed Benes.

The arc deals with Supermans first meeting with Doomsday. Most remember him from his pre-52 days in the famous story, “Death of Superman.” The ‘Death of Superman’ was one of the hottest titles back in 1992, headed by Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, and Roger Stern (favorite writer of this journalist). These three scribbed most of Superman’s emotional turmoil ever seen in a DC comic this side of Crisis on Infinite Earths! Another title you should check out.

Source: Digital Spy

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