David Finch to Take Over For “Wonder Woman”

by Joey Garces
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Artist David Finch, who has worked on “Dark Knight” and currently is working on “Forever Evil” will step into Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s shoes for the acclaimed series “Wonder Woman”.

Azzarello and Chiang’s take on Wonder Woman made the monthly series one of the highlights of the New 52 continuity. Its reinvorgating take on WW’s adventures with gods is an awesome rendition of the brutal tales she shares with her allies and enemies.



Wonder Woman’s portrayal in her series has a lot of differences between how she is depicted in other series like “Justice League”. She is much more ferocious and hard pressed in they way Azzarello wrote her which was very well-received by fans.

Finch is most likely going to depict WW in the way she is portrayed in “Justice League” and how she interacts with the other Leaguers. Most likely set her up for how she might be portrayed in any movie she might be coming out in.

Source: BleedingCool

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